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Linear I.C Trainer

Linear I.C Trainer
Linear I.C Trainer
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Product Code : PSW-221
Product Description

Linear IC Trainer (Analog trainer kit) forbasic and advance linear electronics.

Useful for study of operation amplifier parameters likeinput resistance, output resistance, slew rate, frequency response, inputoffset voltage, input offset current, input bias current,. CMRR, differentialinput resistance, unity gain bandwidth, rated output and full power response.Operational amplifier applications such  asinverting amplifier, non-inverting amplifier, differential amplifier, invertingsumming amplifier and voltage follower. Operation amplifier applications likeadder, substractor, multiplier, divider, integrator, differentiator, limiter,comparator, schmitt trigger, active low pass and high pass filters, zerocrossing detector, AC to DC convertor and wave form generators. Study ofoperation and characteristics of timer (IC 555) and timer applications likeastable, monostable and bistable multivibrators, frequency dividers, PWM, PPM,50% duty cycle oscillators and. timers. Study of operation of voltageregulators for positive, negative and variable outputs. Useful to perform manyother experiments using the onboard components and veroboard. Consists of DCregulated power supplies of 0 to + 12V at 500mA, 0 to - 12V at 500mA, AC powersupplies of 9-0-9 V at 500mA, 4 indepent buffered logic level indicators,potentiometer, speaker, relay, veroboard, etc., all with 2m.m termination. Setof 20 assorted coloure Q multi-strand wires with 2mm stackable plug terminationat both ends.


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