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ITI tool
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Product Code : Welding Trade Tools & Machinery
Price And Quantity
  • Minimum Order Quantity
  • 10 Unit
  • Price
  • 10 INR/Unit
Product Specifications
  • Product Type
  • Tool
  • Color
  • Yellow And Blue
  • Usage
  • Automobile Industry
  • Material
  • Mild Steel
Product Description


Welding Transformer

Two current outlet [double holder] with BTC clamp without bolt [two persons can be work together at a time] 200  300Amp transformer, single phase, compact model, heavy duty [single person can be operate continusly 5 to 6 hours with 3.15mm welding rod, 200  300 AMP Transformer Type arc welding [high quality], 250  350 AMP Transformer Type ARC welding [high quality], 200 AMP Transformer Type Welding machine with all Standard Accessories [3.5 meter welding cable + 3.5 meter earth cable + 1 Glass + 1 Brush + 1 welding rod holder] (300A , OCV 60 – 100 V, 60% duty cycle)



Welding Transformer (or) Inverter based welding machine 

All accessories (300A , OCV 60 – 100 V, 60% duty cycle)


D.C Arc welding rectifiers set with all accessories 

Input voltage: 415 +10% variation, Phase 3 phase, Frequency 50Hz ± 3% variation,Welding current range: 20  600 Amp, Output current at 100%,duty cycle: 450  500 Amp,Output current at 60% duty cycle :500  600 Amp, Open circuit voltage at set current:100 V,Output current variation at set current:+1% (max.), Class of insulation :class “H, Cooling: Forced Air,400 A. (OCV 60 – 100 V, 60% duty cycle ) 600A Welding Rectifier



GMAW welding machine(MIG Welding Machine)

MIG Welding Machine is welding in an environment of oxidized gases, or as it is also called: protected by an active gas. This means that the gas is split in the arc and to a less important or larger extent reacts with the wild turn. CO2 is mainly used as protective gas which is why the procedure is also known as CO2 welding.


·        Very Protective Machine

·        Use in Aluminium, copper etc.

·        Welding is potential in all position

·        Current (Ampere)  200  300VAC, 300  400,Phase  Three Phase, Technology  Inverter Bases, Rectifier Based, IGBT Based, Thyristor Based 250 Amp Mig Rectifier   



AC/DC GTAW welding machine with water cooled torch

Argon regulator, Gas hose, water circulating system, 3.5 meter welding cable + 3.5 meter earth cable + 1 Glass + 1 Brush + 1 welding rod holder. 315Amp AC/DC Inverter based Water cooled Argon Complete set 



Air Plasma cutting equipment with all accessories

Salient Features: Inverter based air plasma cutting machine with  PWM  technology.  It  is  portable,  light  weight  energy efficient suitable for cutting carbon steel, stainless steel, alloy steel   ,   copper   and   other   nonferrous   metals.   Faster   and economical on Al, SS, Carbon steel below 12mm. Cutting starts from 0.1MM onwards unlike 6mm of flame cutting. Very safe and  convenient  on  any  application.  No  distortion  even  on sheets below 6MM. Savings on storage and maintenance of gases. Better  quality  of cuts. Easy  to adapt and lesser skill requirements.  No  naked  flames.  Circle  and  profile  cutting accessories. Light weight torches makes cutting effortless Technical  Data      Input  Supply  415V,  +/    10  %,  3  Phase, Frequency50  Hz./  60  Hz,  Input  Power  14kVA  or  better, Switching Device IGBT, No Load Voltage atleast 270A, Current Range between 20A    100A or better, Rated Duty Cycle not less than 60 %, Cutting Thickness 25MM or better, Rough Cutting Thickness 28MM, Air Pressure atleast 0.3    0.5 Mpa, Cooling Air,  Protection  IP  21.  Weight,  (approx.)  32  Kgs.  Overall Dimension (L x w x h) (approx.) 500 x 300 x 450 mm Accessories: kVA Adopter Cable/Cord, Hand  held torch with 12  ft. (3.7  m)  cable.  Torches  include  a  complete  set  of  40A consumables. Heavy duty work clamp and flexible cable with quick connect. 12  ft. (3.7Mtr) power cord with 240V L6  30P twist lock plug for Adapters. Adapters with 240V, 50A (6  50P) plug and 120 V, 15 A (5  15P) plug. Consumables box with 2 electrodes, 2 Tips (40A), 1 tip (30A), drag shield (30A), deflector and air fitting. In line Air Filter Kit. Plasma Circular Cutting Guide with Standoff Roller Guide. Torch Cable Cover atleast 25Ft.



Air compressor

Suitable for above Air Plasma Cutting system. Atleast   3HP capacity.

Reciprocating Air Compressors are manufactured using the latest Engineering technology in state of art manufacturing facility by highly experienced technicians. These machines ensure maximum operational efficiency with smooth and sound features at low power consumption. The materials and components used are of the highest quality and the best makes available in the market. The compressors are manufactured under straight quality control system. 
A 3 Hp Compressor 

Features : 

·         Very low maintenance

·         Low power consumption

·         More Safe System

·         Automatic motor protection circuit

·         Automatic Compressor protection

Automatic tank protecion



Spot welding machine 

Technical Detail: Transformer: Capacity @ 50% duty Cycle not less than 15kVA, Rated Input 415V, Max Short Circuited Current not less than 8kA. Round RAM Weld Head atleast

50MM. Electrode Tip Dia not less than 16MM with MT  2 Taper. Electrode Tip Holder Dia not less than 25MM and Length not less than 250MM. Holder Arm Dia not less than60MM. Throat Depth (mm) not less than 250 – 300. Throat clearance  atleast   300MM.  Cooling  Transformer  Air  Water, Cooling  Volume  atleast  15  Ltr/mm.  Cylinder  Head  Dia  x Stroke Length atleast 50 x 50MM. Machine Working Height approx 900 – 1000MM. Arms Electrodes: Range of Welding Voltage 8 steps Rotary Switch 2  6 V. Timer Delay Relay. Max. Available Short Circuit Current at Throat Depth 300 mm Amp 10500,    400    mm    Amp10000,    500    mm    Amp    9500. Accessories/Features    Chiller Unit, Water Flow Indicator, Fixtures,  Anti  Vibration  Pads.  Electrode  Holder  fitted  with Stainless Steel Ring at mouth of the Holder.


Portable gas cutting machine 

Cutting Speed range from 150 to 900 mm/min,Gas Hose Connection:1/4"  1/2"BSP RH & LH,Bevel Cutting:upto 40   45°and 70  75mm thick MS,Circle Cutting:from 750 to 1200 mm diameter,Straight Cut:upto 90  100mm thick MS,


Pedestal Grinder 

Size of grinding wheel Atleast 180 x 20 x 31.75MM, Wheel Centre distance Atleast 450    700MM. Base to centre line of spindle Atleast 860 – 1100 MM. Diameter of spindle bearings Atleast 35MM. Power of motor 1HP(0.75 kW) or More. Speed of Motor 1400RPM. RPM of Grinding Wheels atleast 2200RPM. Electricals 415 V AC, 3 Phase, 50 Hz. Features and Accessories: Dynamically Balanced rotor minimizes vibrations and ensure smooth running. Adjustable tool rests are provided to ensure maximum usage of Grinding wheels. Eye Shields are recommended for each machine. With coolant system (Coolant pump, tank, tray and fittings). Heavy duty adjustable Work Table. Spindle    is of large diameter, mounted on Heavy Duty Ball bearings. Coarse/medium/fine of Carborundum or Grindwell make. Wheel Guards with exhaust outlets, and two adjustable tool rests. Accessories    Eye Shields with Spark Arrestor, Dust Collectors, dia. 300  350 mm with both  the wheel fine and corse grain type.


Bench Grinder 

Voltage 120V ~ 60 Hz, Large and easy adjustable spark protection glasses. Sturdy adjustable work piece supports. Rubber feet securing a low  vibration standing. Dust protected on/off switch to prevent dust. Easy wheel change for efficient and easy work. Star Dresser, Abrasive Stick Dresser. Grinding Wheel not less than 150MM. Grinding disc widths atleast 20MM, Grinding disc bore atleast 20MM. Rated power input 350W or better. Rated Current    1.5 Amp. No Load Speed    3550 RPM. Maximum Horsepower    1/2 HP.



AG 4 Grinder

Angle Grinder features a powerful 6A motor with 11,000 no   load RPM. Compact Design With a well  designed grip, Lock   on slide switch, two  position side handle. Suited for metal fabrication. Epoxy  coated field windings for longer tool life. Light weight less than 3.75Lbs user comfort and control. Specifications    Amperage 6A, Wheel Diameter atleast 100MM, No Load RPM atleast 11,000 or better, Voltage 120V, Rating 120V AC, Spindle Thread 5/8 Inch.  Cut  off  Disc atleast 100MM. Accessories/Consumables Includes    Angle Grinder, Grinding Wheel Guard, Auxiliary Handle, Inner (Clamping) Flange, Outer (Round Nut) Flange, Spanner Wrench, Abrasive Grinding Wheel.



Hand shearing machine 

Capacity to cut atleast 6MM Thick Sheets/Flats. Max Cut in one stroke. Flats upto 50x6MM. Length of Blades atleast 500MM


Power saw machine 

Hydraulic Type. Number of strokes per minute – 80 or better. Cutting Range (Round) not less than 160 mm. Cutting Range (Square) not less than 150X150. Blade Size 400 x 36 x 1.6. Accuracy: Cutting Taper 0.1 mm /100 mm dia. With Standard Accessories: Adjustable bar rest, ‘V’ Jaw for clamping, Coolant system.


Die penetrant testing kit

machining. Specification    Great for most metals, plastics and other    Solid Surface, Good coverage, Easy applied and Portable


Magnetic particle testing Kit 

Magnetic particle inspection kit features     Leg Capacity 0  11", Soft Grip Handle, 10 Ft. Cord. Cans of fluorescent wet method particles, UV light, Paint Marker, Bulb, Field indicator, Hand cleaner. Magnetizing device 115V yoke with 10  ft. cord. Magnetic powders and Portable Carrying Case. Up to 5x magnetic performance ,Narrow size distribution (CV values as low as 2.5%), Batch  to  batch consistency (CV values as low as 2.5%), High magnetic density. Detailed characterization data with all products



Portable Abrasive cut  off machine 

Current Rating 6A, Cut  off Disc atleast 4  1/2", Length 10  1/2". 1HP Motor. No Load RPM 11,000 or better. Rating 230V AC. Spindle Thread 5/8" – 11. Abrasive Wheel


Welding Simulators 

Welding simulator  a virtual reality welding simulator that enables students to rapidly refine basic welding skills, learn proper welding technique and explore  welding career paths in a safe, virtual environment, without the need for consumables like metal and gas. FeaturesThe 3D stereo vision welding simulation through Oculus Rift VR. Real  time auxilliary display.Reduction of training cost. Multiple Welding Processes: GMAW/ SMAW/ GTAW. The welding of multiple welding pieces and positions. Real  time check of welding parameters:Tracking Training Live  Position, Speed, Stickout and Angle Measurement Live Analysis on Gaps, Shape & Size of Beads, Spatters, Porosity, Penetration Live insta Correct Feedback System Welding Training on Multiple Joint Type: Fillet Joints, Groove Joints & Pipe Joints Multiple Welding Positions 1F, 2F, 3F and 4F for Fillet Joints1G, 2G, 3G and 4G positions for Groove Joints1G, 2G, 5G and 6G positions for Pipe Joints Job Material Selection: MS, SS & AL. Job Thickness Selection Electrode Type and Electrode Diameter selection.Wire Feed Speed selection of GMAW Protective Gas and Gas Flow Rate Selection. Power Source, Power Type and Current Selection.


Plasma Cutter 

Input  Voltage  220  V  Cutting  Current  5      40  Amps  Max. Thickness of the sheet for cutting 12 mm Air Pressure required 3. 5    5 Bar Single  phase CUT 40Amp for 7mm finish cut


Fume extractor system connecting all the Welding booths 

Input  Voltage  220  V  Cutting  Current  5      40  Amps  Max. Thickness of the sheet for cutting 12 mm Air Pressure required 3. 5    5 Bar


Seam welding Machine

KVA Rating @ 50% duty cycle           75 KVA

Operating volts 415 + 10%, suitable at 2 hot lines of

3 phase,50 Hz power supply, Insulation class “F”

Max throat Depth                                                              300 mm

Transformer water cooled, Electrodes water bathed,

Welding electrodes rotate on the shaft with copper alloy bushes

Heat control with solid state CMOS type thyristor control

system with HEAT TIME & COOL TIME sequences through

heavy duty water cooled thyristor assembly.

Variable electrode speed control with DC motor and drive systems.

Complete with control panel etc.



Potable CNC profile cutting system 

Park  1 Series Portable CNC Plasma Cutting Machines(also called CNC mini type metal plate cutting machine) is mainly used to cut stainless steel metal sheet. It can match with many other plasma cutting source such as brand Hyperthermand, could cut any flat shape formed by straight lines and arc lines , with the characteristic  of portable,  stable  operation and high precision, as well as anti  interference from  magnetic force and electricity , it is widely applied to various cutting projects.

Products Parameter:



Power Supply

220V 50Hz

Rated Power


Cutting Range

(1500  2000)x(3000  5000)mm

Cutting Speed

50  2000mm/min(max4000mm/min)

Cutting Thickness

5  50mm

Cutting Precision


Cutting Accuracy


Cutting Direction

Plate cutting

Cutting Source




Nesting software


Main Kit Size


Track Size


Gross Weight

Aound 130kg


Wood Box


Ultrasonic flaw detector 

with colour display for excellent
visibility, Auto DAC plotting, DGS an AWS Digital thickness/distance
measurements, trigonometric measurements of depth and surface
distance in weld inspection, Memory of 200 A  Scan images and 50
set  up data, RS 232 for PC connectivity with transfer software with
features like
(a) Peak Freeze facility
(b) option of Peak or Flank trigger
(c) option of English or Metric system of units
(e) A  Scan labeling with scroll facility
Standard Accessories
Rechargeable Li  Ion Battery Package, 6.6 amp hour
Power supply/charger unit
Operating Manual in English
Carrying Case



Eddy current tester 

Eddy Current Tester is a versatile high sensitivity unit with CRT display to locate surface defects on metals. Ideally suitable for in  situ inspection of wide range of metallic components. It is operated from 220 Volts, single phase, 50 Hz, a.c. source.


X  ray film illuminator 

holds one X  Ray Film upto the size of 14" X 17" (35cm X 43cm) per viewing bank. Transparent clips at top will hold X  Ray Film securely in place


Fume extractor system

Standard connecting to all Welding Booths.


Impact testing Machine 

Capacity: 1J, 2.75J, 5.5J, 11J, 22J, Test angle: 150°, Weight: 60KG










Trade Information
  • Payment Terms
  • Cash in Advance (CID), Cash Advance (CA)
  • Supply Ability
  • 10 Unit Per Day
  • Delivery Time
  • 1 Week
  • Sample Available
  • Yes
  • Sample Policy
  • Sample costs shipping and taxes has to be paid by the buyer
  • Main Domestic Market
  • All India