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                  I.T.I :Mechanic Diesel

                  I.T.I :Mechanic Diesel
                  I.T.I :Mechanic Diesel
                  Product Code : PSW-MD
                  Product Description




                  Hammer Ball peen 0.75 kg



                  Chisel Cold flat 19 mm



                  Centre punch 10 cm



                  Steel rule 15 cm English and Metric



                  Screw driver 30 cm x 9 mm blade



                  Screw driver 20 cm x 9 mm blade



                  Spanner D.E. set of 12 metric 8 -32 mm



                  Pliers combination 15 mm



                  Hand file 20 cm second cut



                  Feeler Gauge 20 blade



                  Ring spanner set of 12 metric 8 -32 mm



                  Steel tool box with locks and keys



                  Rule Steel 30 cm



                  Dividers spring 15cm



                  Prick punch 15cm



                  Chisel cross cut 9 x 3cm



                  Hammer ball peen 0.5kg



                  Hammer copper 1kg with handle



                  Engineering square 15cm blade



                  Scriber 15cm



                  Scriber block universal



                  Marking out tables 90cm x 60cm x 90 cm (high)



                  Surface plate 60 x 60 cm



                  Hacksaw frame adjustable for 20- 30 cm blades



                  V block 75 x 38 cm pair with clamps



                  Punch hollow 6,7,8,9,10. 5 and 12mm set



                  Punch figure set 3m



                  Punch letters set 3mm



                  Hand vise 3 -7 mm



                  Screw driver, Electrician type 15m size



                  File, flat 35cm bastard



                  File, Flat 25cm second cut



                  File, flat 20cm smooth



                  File , flat safe edge 25cm smooth



                  File, triangular 15cm second cut



                  File round 30cm second cut



                  File square 20cm second cut



                  Drill - twist, metric 3mm x 12mm x 1mm



                  Taps and dies complete set inbox BSW and metric



                  H.S.S. Hand reamer adjustable 10.5mm to 11.25mm



                  11.25 mm to 12.75mm 12.78 mm to 14.25mm. 14.25mm to 15.75mm



                  Scraper , flat 25cm handled



                  42. Scraper half round 25cm



                  Scraper triangular 25 cm



                  Scraper bearing



                  Sets of Morse socket 0-1 1-2 and 2-3



                  Micrometer, outside 0 to 25mm



                  Micrometer outside 50mm to 75mm, 75mm to 100mm



                  Micrometer with extension rod (inside ) 50m to 150mm



                  Vernier calipers set 25 or 20 cm inside outside depth to read



                  both inches and in mms



                  Safety goggles (clear glass)



                  Setting hammer



                  Mallet (Wooden)



                  Scraper , flat 25cm handled



                  Soldering iron ,25 watt



                  Blow lamp 0.5 liter



                  Soldering iron 120watts



                  Soldering iron, copper 225 cms (Fire headed)



                  Pliers nose (round and straight)



                  snip straight and bent



                  Pot melting






                  Spanners, double ended set of 12 metric size 8 and 32 mm



                  Spanner, double off-set double ended set of 7 w/w from



                  3mm to 13.5mm



                  Double open ended ignition spanner of BA 0 x 1 to 8 x 9 set of 5



                  Spanners, Clyburn 15cm



                  Spanners, adjustable 20 cm



                  Spanner ring of set of 6 S.A.E.



                  Spanner for sparking plug 14mm



                  Magneto spanner set with 8 spanners



                  Turbo charger or super charger



                  Spanner socket set of 8 handled T. Bar ratchet



                  Spanner, T. Flex for screwing up and unscrewing in



                  inaccessible position



                  Double open ended Tapped spanner from 10.5 mm x 12mm to



                  16.5 mm x18 mm set of four



                  Drift. copper 10mm x 150mm



                  Gun. paraffin pressure



                  Gun Grease pressure



                  Chain and block 1000 kg capacity



                  Tray cleaning 45 x 30cm



                  Drilling machine bench to drill up to 12mm dia



                  Oil can 0.5 liter



                  Lifter, valve spring



                  Tool valve Grinding, suction type (consumable tool)



                  Valve seat cutting tools complete with guides & Pilot bard (all angles)



                  in box



                  Extractor, atudy ' Ezy out" Type



                  compression gauge to read 120kg/sq. cm and vacuum



                  gauge 0 to 75 cm



                  Stone, carborandum 15 x 5 x 3.75 cm wrought and smooth






                  Cylinder gauge, Bore dial gauge with accessories



                  Ring Expander and remover



                  Torque wrench (0 to 75 kg meter)



                  Work bench 250 x 120 x 75 cm with 4 vices of 12.5cm jaw



                  Lockers with 8 drawers (standard size)



                  Metal Rack 180 x 150 x 45cm



                  Fuel feed pump



                  Fuel injection pump



                  Carburetor (Two different types)



                  Water pump and oil pump



                  Filling jig for adjusting the piston ring gap



                  Steel almirah



                  Black board with easel



                  Desk or table



                  Fire extinguisher



                  Fire buckets with stand



                  Tachometer (Counting type



                  Compressor Air Piston type) (Vehicular ) and exhauster unit



                  Clutches, different types such as cone type disc type



                  Dynamo and voltage regulator



                  Starter motor - Axial type, pre engagement type co-axial type



                  Injector different type



                  Battery - 12 volt (Lead Acid and alkaline)






                  Distributor Assembly



                  Pulley set universal for bearing and bushes



                  Lifting jack, Screw type 3048 kg



                  Piston ring compressor



                  Valve key inserter



                  Connecting rod alignment fixture



                  Valve refacer



                  High rate discharge tester



                  A.V.O. Meter



                  Injector testing set (Hand operated)



                  Injector cleaning kit



                  Glow plug



                  Nozzle Holder Jigs



                  P.T. Injector



                  Bench vice






                  Fluid fly wheel torque convertor



                  Circlip plier



                  Piston Groove cleaner



                  Thread pitch Gauge



                  Fillet Radius Gauge



                  Stud Removed



                  Cut Section Modes for fuel injector



                  Starter test benches



                  Grinder with two 18 cm wheels with twist drill grinding attachment



                  Arbor press hand operated 2 ton capacity



                  Light commercial vehicle in running condition (Diesel) Indian make



                  Diesel engine cut away model to show working parts for



                  demonstration (one two stroke & one 4 stroke)



                  Diesel engine 4 stroke multi cylinder 4/6 vehicular type)



                  Petrol engine (Running condition, car type) Indian make -



                  Contemporary model)



                  Diesel engine (Running condition) Stationary type



                  Petrol Engine vertical ( 2 stroke) Motor cycle / Scooter type 1.5 hp



                  Indian make contemporary model






                  Battery charger



                  Timing lighter



                  Hydrometer (Consumable tool)



                  Washing pump - reciprocating type electrically operated with 1 kw



                  motor - 1000 liters rank



                  Portable lifting crane one ton capacity with chain block and tackle






                  Trolley type portable air compressor 1 single cylinder with 45 liters



                  capacity Air tank all accessories and with working pressure 6.5 kg/sq.






                  Cell Tester (High rate discharge tester)



                  Smoke tester



                  Hydraulic press 5 tone



                  Fuel injection pump calibration equipment and its accessories and



                  special tools with attachment for distributor pump and in line pump



                  Engine with P.T. System



                  Cut out models on fuel injection pump etc



                  Wall charts



                  CD/DVD for demonstration



                  Display board.


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