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Discrete Component Trainer

Discrete Component Trainer
Discrete Component Trainer
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Product Code : PSW
Product Description

Discrete Component Trainer (Basic Electronics) Trainer

Useful for study of characteristics of diodes, transistors, FET, UJT, Mosfet, SCR diacs, triacs, LDR's, zener diodes,LED's resistors, capacitors, inductors, potentiometers,  output transformer, speakers, relay. Study of basic theorems and laws like resistors /capacitors / indicators in series /parallel / combination circuits, LP / HP / BP / BR filters,  clippig / biased clippers, half wave / fullwave /  bridge rectifiers, voltage regulator circuits using diode / transistors, CB / CE / CC transist or amplifier, power amplifier, audio amplifiers, deferential amplifirs, feedbacks,phase shift / astable / monostable / bistable / schmitt  trigger oscillators, FET / MOSFET as anamplifier / source follower /switch, UJT as relaxation oscillator, light operated relay. Many other experiments using the on board  components and veroboard are possible.Consists of DC regulated power supplies of 0 to + 12V at 500mA, 0 to -12V at 500mA, +5Vat 500mA, AC power supplies of 9-0-9 V at 500mA, 3 potentiometers, speaker, relay, veroboard etc. all with 2mmterminal. Set of 20 assorted coloured multi-stand wires with 2mm stackable plug termination at both ends.


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